2011 Ruler on Ice Kelly Breen Jose Valdivia Jr. 2:30.88
2010 Drosselmeyer William Mott Mike Smith 2:31.57
2009 Summer Bird Tim Ice Kent Desormeaux 2:27:54
2008 Da' Tara Nick Zito Alan Garcia 2:29.65
2007Rags to Riches Todd Pletcher J R Velazquez2:28.74
2006Jazil Kiaran P. McLaughlin F Jara2:27.86
2005Afleet Alex Timothy Ritchey Jeremy Rose2:28.60
2004Birdstone NicK Zito E.Prado2:27.50
2003Empire Maker Robert Frankel Jerry Bailey2:28:26
2002Sarava Kenneth McPeek E.Prado2:29.71
2001Point Given Bob Baffert Gary Stevens2:26:56
2000Commendable D. Wayne Lukas Pat Day2:31:19
1999Lemon Drop Kid Flint S. Schulhofer J.Santos2:27:88
1998Victory Gallop W. Elliott Walden G.Stevens2:29:16
1997Touch Gold David Hofmans C.McCarron2:28:82
1996Editors Note D. Wayne Lukas R.Douglas2:28:96
1995Thunder Gulch D. Wayne Lukas G.Stevens2:32:02
1994Tabasco Cat D. Wayne Lukas Pat Day2:26:82
1993Colonial Affair Flint S. Schulhofer J.Krone2:29:97
1992A.P.Indy Neil Drysdale E. Delahoussaye2:26:13
1991Hansel Frank L. Brothers Jerry Bailey2:28:10
1990Go and Go (Ire) Dermont K. Weld M.Kinane2:27 1/5
1989Easy Goer Claude R. McGaughey III Pat Day2:26
1988Risen Star Louie Roussel III E. Delahoussaye2:26 2/5
1987Bet Twice Warren Croll C. Perret2:28 1/5
1986Danzig Connection Woody C. Stephens C.McCarron2:29 4/5
1985Creme Fraiche Woody C. Stephens E.Maple2:27
1984Swale Woody C. Stephens L.Pincay Jnr.2:27 1/5
1983Caveat Woody C. Stephens L.Pincay Jnr.2:27 4/5
1982Conquistador Cielo Woody C. Stephens L.Pincay Jnr.2:28 1/5
1981Summing Luis Barrera G.Martens2:29
1980Temperence Hill Joseph B. Cantey E.Maple2:29 4/5
1979Coastal David A. Whiteley R. Hernandez2:29 3/5
1978Affirmed Lazaro S. Barrera S. Cauthen2:26 4/5
1977Seattle Slew William Turner Jr. J. Cruguet2:29 3/5
1976Bold Forbes Lazaro S. Barrera A.Cordero Jnr.2:29
1975Avatar Arthur T. Doyle W.Shoemaker2:28 1/5
1974Little Current Lou Rondinello Miguel Rivera2:29 1/5
1973Secretariat Lucien Laurin R. Turcotte2:24
1972Riva Ridge Lucien Laurin R. Turcotte2:28
1971Pass Catcher Edward Yowell W.Blum2:30 3/5
1970High Echelon John W. Jacobs J.Rotz2:34
1969Arts and Letters Elliott Burch B. Baeza2:28 4/5
1968Stage Door Johnny John M. Gaver H.Gustines2:27 1/5
1967Damascus Frank Y. Whiteley Jr. W. Shoemaker2:28 4/5
1966Amberoid Lucien Laurin W.Boland2:29 3/5
1965Hail to All Edward Yowell J.Sellers2:28 2/5
1964Quadrangle E. Burch M.Ycaza2:28 2/5
1963Chateaugay J. Conway B.Baeza2:30 1/5
1962Jaipur W. Mulholland W. Shoemaker2:28 4/5
1961Sherluck H. Young B.Baeza2:29 1/5
1960Celtic Ash T. Barry W.Hartack2:29 3/5
1959Sword Dancer E. Burch W.Shoemaker2:28 3/5
1958Cavan T. Barry P.Anderson2:30 1/5
1957Gallant Man J. A. Nerud W.Shoemaker2:26 3/5
1956Needles H. Fontaine D.Erb2:29 4/5
1955Nashua J. Fitzsimmons E. Arcaro2:29
1954High Gun M. Hirsch Eric Guerin2:30 4/5
1953Native Dancer W. Winfrey Eric Guerin2:28 3/5
1952One Count O. White E.Arcaro2:30 1/5
1951Counterpoint S. Veitch D.Gorman2:29
1950Middleground M. Hirsch W.Boland2:28 3/5
1949Capot J. Gaver Ted Atkinson2:30 1/5
1948Citation H. Jones E. Arcaro2:28 1/5
1947Phalanx S. Veitch R.Donoso2:29 3/5
1946Assault M. Hirsch W. Mehrtens2:30 4/5
1945Pavot O. White E.Arcaro2:30 1/5
1944Bounding Home M. Brady G.L.Smith2:32 1/5
1943Count Fleet G. Cameron J. Longden2:28 1/5
1942Shut Out J. Gaver E.Arcaro2:29 1/5
1941Whirlaway B. Jones E. Arcaro2:31
1940Bimelech W. Hurley F.A.Smith2:29 3/5
1939Johnstown J. Fitzsimmons J.Stout2:29 3/5
1938Pasteurized G. Odom J.Stout2:29 2/5
1937War Admiral G. Conway C. Kurtsinger2:28 3/5
1936Granville J. Fitzsimmons J.Stout2:30
1935Omaha J. Fitzsimmons W. Saunders2:30 3/5
1934Peace Chance P. Coyne W.Wright2:29 1/5
1933Hurryoff H. McDaniel M.Garner2:32 3/5
1932Faireno J. Fitzsimmons T.Malley2:32 4/5
1931Twenty Grand J. Rowe Jr. C.Kurtsinger2:29 3/5
1930Gallant Fox J. Fitzsimmons E. Sande2:31 3/5
1929Blue Larkspur T. G. Hastings M.Garner2:32 4/5
1928Vito M. Hirsch C.Kummer2:33 1/5
1927Chance Shot P. Coyne E.Sande2:31 3/5
1926Crusader G. Conway A.Johnson2:32 1/5
1925American Flag G. R. Tompkins A.Johnson2:16 4/5
1924Mad Play S. Hildreth E.Sande2:18 4/5
1923Zev S. Hildreth E.Sande2:19
1922Pillory T. J. Healey C.H.Miller2:18 4/5
1921Grey Lag S. Hildreth E.Sande2:16 4/5
1920Man o'War L. Feustel Clarence Kummer2:14 1/5
1919Sir Barton H. G. Bedwell J. Loftus2:17 2/5
1918Johren A. Simons F.Robinson2:20 2/5
1917Hourless S. Hildreth J.Butwell2:17 4/5
1916Friar Rock S. Hildreth E.Haynes2:22
1915The Finn E. W. Heffner G.Byrne2:18 2/5
1914Luke McLuke J. F. Schorr M.Buxton2:20
1913Prince Eugene J. Rowe Sr. R.Troxler2:18
1912 No Race J. Rowe Sr.   
1911 No Race S. Hildreth   
1910Sweep J. Rowe Sr. .Butwell2:22
1909Joe Madden J. Rowe Sr. E.Dugan2:21 3/5
1908Colin J. W. Rogers J.NotterN/A
1907Peter Pan J. W. Rogers G.MountainN/A
1906Burgomaster J. Rowe Sr. L.Lyne2:20
1905Tanya R. O. Miller E.Hildebrand2:08
1904Delhi J. J. Hyland G.Odom2:06 3/5
1903Africander J. Rowe Sr. J.Bullman2:21 3/4
1902Masterman H. E. Leigh J.Bullman2:22 3/5
1901Commando S. Hildreth H.Spencer2:21
1900Ildrim R. W. Walden N.Turner2:21 1/4
1899Jean Bereaud M. Byrnes R.Clawson2:23
1898Bowling Brook J. J. Hyland F.Littlefield2:32
1897Scottish Chieftain E. Feakes J.Scherrer2:23 1/4
1896Hastings B. McClelland H.Griffin2:24 1/2
1895Belmar G. Hannon W. Simms 5 Fred Taral2:11 1/2
1894Henry of Navarre L. Stuart W.Simms1:56 1/2
1893Comanche M. Donovan W.Simms1:53 1/4
1892Patron A. Cooper W.Hayward2:12
1891Foxford J. Huggins E.Garrison2:08 3/4
1890Burlington F. McCabe S.Barnes2:07 3/4
1889Eric F. McCabe W.Hayward2:47 1/4
1888Sir Dixon F. McCabe J. McLaughlin2:40 1/4
1887Hanover C. Claypool J. McLaughlin2:43 1/2
1886Inspector B J. Rowe Sr. J. McLaughlin2:41
1885Tyrant J. Rowe Sr. P.Duffy2:43
1884Panique L. Stuart J. McLaughlin2:42
1883George Kinney R. W. Walden J. McLaughlin2:42 1/2
1882Forester R. W. Walden J. McLaughlin2:43
1881Saunterer T. Puryear T.Costello2:47
1880Grenada R. W. Walden W.Hughes2:47
1879Spendthrift J. Walden G.Evans2:24 3/4
1878Duke of Magenta T. W. Doswell W.Hughes2:43 1/2
1877Cloverbrook A. Wiliamson C.Holloway2:46
1876Algerine W. Prior W.Donohue2:40 1/2
1875Calvin D. McDaniel R.Swim2:42 1/4
1874Saxon D. McDaniel G.Barbee2:39 1/2
1873Springbok D. McDaniel J.Rowe3:01 3/4
1872Joe Daniels R. Colston J.Rowe2:58 1/4
1871Harry Bassett J. Pincus W.Miller2:56
1870Kingfisher A. Thompson Dick2:59 1/2
1869Fenian A. J. Minor C.Miller3:04 1/4
1868General Duke   R.Swim3:02
1867Ruthless   J.Gilpatrick3:05
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