I, along with three friends, Ms. Carryover among them of course, meandered into The Stadium Café on Broadway here in lovely Saratoga Springs.

Once seated, we looked up to find LeBron James in mid-interview with a bunch of pimply-faced kids in the background. Soon enough he announced that he would sign with the Miami Heat. He said it with as much excitement as a man at the alter saying, “I do.”

It made for good television, I suppose, but what did Zenyatta say when she came back? That’s right. Nothing. Strange, since she’s a woman.

I kid, I kid.
But you know who did a lot of talking? Jockeys. Don’t you love it when 5-foot-nothing jockeys talk about 6-foot-something athletes? Thank you New York Racing Association.

In a video showcasing the opinions of several NYRA jocks, Rajiv Maragh had James at even money to go to the Heat. Channing Hill, also had James going to the Heat. Hill may know a thing or two about jumping ship: he moved his tack form New York to California not too long ago, but finds himself back in New York. Just leave the door unlocked for him.

“Somebody’s gotta take on the Lakers and if they (the Heat) get LeBron, they are the only people that can take on the Lakers,” Hill said.

NYRA even hit up Jean-Luc Samyn, the same jockey who just keeps on keepin’ on.

“I wish like all of us that he would come to New York,” he said, “my source says that the Miami Heat is where he’ll end up.”

For all of ESPN’s coverage and bantering on this topic, couldn’t they have just tapped into this relatively unknown jockey colony down in Elmont? The answer, of course, is no, because who really cares what jockeys have to say?

Unless it’s Ramon Dominguez. This guy is positively in the zone. He is in the money 56 percent of the time at Belmont Park and has all but sealed up yet another Leading Rider Title.

“I like LeBron to go to New York Knicks,” Dominguez said.

Hmmm, stick to riding horses.

Can you imagine any other athlete garnering this kind of attention? Well, in a way, Curlin did when owner Jess Jackson announced that he would be making his triumphant return for a 4-year-old campaign. Curlin’s Dubai World Cup ranks as one of the all-time great races. He never had a quicker turn of foot than he had in that race. He was never quite the same after (though still head and withers above any other North America horse).

At this time of year there lacks a true thread, anything to hang one’s hat on. Sure, there’s the action at New York City OTB but really, is that exciting? Nah, not so much.

Saratoga is just a few furlongs away and that too is nice, but to do some sort of a “Saratoga Preview” is both trite and boring. Who really cares who may be running in the Travers? Dumb. That’s right. Dumb.

First Dude to the Haskell? That’s something to write about. He nearly stole the Belmont Stakes this year. Couldn’t have asked for a better ride from Dominguez.

“I like LeBron to go to New York Knicks.”

Stop it, please.

But with that asphalt they run over there at Monmouth on Haskell Day, First Dude should have first run at $1 million.

There is at least one thing I’m happy about: the Rachel Alexandra v. Zenyatta talk has, at last, ceased.

I’m throwing the hammer down. No. More. RA v. Z commentary until both their names are in the entry box for the same race. Done.

With that said all the tired talk of NBA free agency, MLB All Star Game snubs, and the argument for best mare in America can end for a while.

Uninspriing? Perhaps, but that’s the state of the sport in this month leading up to Saratoga and Del Mar.

In the meantime, I’ll borrow a line from The Most Interesting Man in the World: Stay thirsty, my friends.