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Friday, April 12, 2019

SATURDAY: Hot Springs, Trail’s Last Major Stop

NOTE: Responding to reader's suggestions, trying a new format to help define the relative strength of opinions and accordingly will employ a new way of listing choices, delineating contenders in groupings of A's, B's and C's. The latter two rankings, B's and C's, are horses which ideally should be used in multiple vertical combinations--exactas, super-exotics, and the like. As such, 'B' and 'C' horses can be moved up or down the scale, only,one level, reflecting the reader's opinions. 'A' horses are prime choices which can be used in equal measure in horizontal pools. For bookkeeping, when more than one 'A' horse appears, the horse listed first will count toward the running totals.


G2 Oaklawn Park Handicap: (A) Tenfold (7-2), Quip (4-1) (B) Great Expectations (3-1), (C) Rated R Superstar (8-1)

Race 10: Optional Allowances: (A) Lighthawk (3-1), Combatant (5-2), (B) Tiz McNamara (5-1)

G1 Arkansas Derby: (A) Improbable (8-5), Omaha Beach (2-1), (B) Gillean (10-1), Long Range Toddy (5-1), (C) Country House (12-1)

Race 12: Maiden Allowances: (A) Cowboy Diplomacy (5-2), Flatout Winner (5-1), (B) Verve's Humor (7-2), Rotation (3-1), (C) Speed App (10-1)



Giants Causeway Stakes: (A) Morticia (5-2), Surrender Now (7-2), (B) La Dame Blanche (12-1), Student Body (10-1), (C) Factorofwon (7-2)

G3 Lexington Stakes: (A) Sueno (5-1), Anothertwistoffate (2-1), (B) Shang (10-1), Harvey Wallbanger (7-2), (C) Owendale (12-1), Zendon (6-1)

G1 Jenny Wiley Stakes: Rymska (5-2), Rushing Fall (6-5)
, (B) Goodyearofroses (20-1), Onthemoonagain (7-2)


Number of Selections since 2007: 2723

Number of Win and Place Finishes: 801-556

Amount Wagered: $5,446 [$2 to win only]

Total Dollar Return on Investment
: $5,307.50

Exacta Finishes All Selections since 2007: .497%

**Running Totals: Minus $138.50

**totals reflect corrections made to APR. 6 posting error

Written by John Pricci


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