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Friday, May 31, 2019

Saturday Seven

Note to Readers: After three failed starts and stops, the process of evolution finally has begun: HRI 2.0 is scheduled to be launched this month.
We seek growth in the hopes of serving bettors and fans more comprehensively. Thoroughbred Racing is, and always will be, our focus, but we will include more harness racing coverage and sports betting information, too. This project has been in development for over a year now but now, at long last, it's coming to fruition. Fingers crossed.

SELECTIONS: Listed choices delineate contenders in groupings of A's, B's and C's. The latter two rankings, B's and C's, are horses which ideally should be used in multiple vertical combinations--exactas, super-exotics, and the like. As such, 'B' and 'C' horses can be moved up or down the scale--only one level--reflecting the reader's own opinions. 'A' horses are prime choices which can be used in equal measure in horizontal pools. For bookkeeping, when more than one 'A' horse appears, the horse listed first will count toward the running totals

BELMONT PARK [turf only]

R8G3 Pennine Ridge: A-Seizmic Wave (6-1), Social Paranoia (7-2), Clint Maroon (3-1) /// B-Demachelier (9-2) /// C-Swamp Rat (15-1)

R9 Allowances: A-Something Joyful (7-2), Sadie Lady (9-2), She's Dreamin (5-1) /// C-Matzo Bella (8-1)


R9 Mighty Beau Stakes [turf]: A-Bobby's Wicked One (2-1) /// B-Will Call (6-1), Extravagant Kid (5-1), Angaston (8-1) /// C-Morticia (6-1)

R10 Aristedes Stakes: A-Share the Upside (9-5) /// B-Wilbo (3-1), Mr. Crow (3-1) /// C-Petrov (10-1)

PENN NATIONAL [turf only]

R9 Pa. Governor's Cup: A-Square Shooter (7-2), Pure Sensation (7-5) /// C-Completed Pass (8-5)

R10 Penn Oaks: A-Regal Glory (8-5) /// B-Alsaayil (7-2), Ionic (3-1)

R11 G2 Penn Mile: A-Forty Under (7-2), The Black Album (15-1), A Thread of Blue (5-2) /// B-Real News (5-1), Casa Creed (6-1)


Number of Selections since 2007: 2767

Number of Win and Place Finishes: 816-562

Amount Wagered:
$5,534 [$2 to win only]

Total Dollar Return on Investment: $5,394.00

Exacta Finishes All Selections since 2007: 49.8%

Running Totals: Minus $140.00


Written by John Pricci

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