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Friday, June 22, 2018

I See the Light in Belmont Feature

MOST PROBABLE WINNER: Wonderful Light (5-2)

BEST VALUE: I Luv Lulu (5-2)

THE BET: Wonderful Light to win, exacta key box with I Luv Lulu and Stallwalkin' Dude (1-1)


Number of Selections since 2007: 2518

Number of Win and Place Finishes: 751-508

Amount Wagered: $5,036 [$2 to win only]

Total Dollar Return on Investment: $5,053.30

Exacta Finishes All Selections since 2007: 49%

Profit to Date: 17.30

Running Totals based on the finish of Most Probable Winner

Written by John Pricci


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