(Sweet and Lowdown. A movie, right? Sean Penn? Could have googled it but want to see if I have any brain cells left. I'm sure someone will be happy to correct me. Think Wendell goes to the movies?).

But, seriously,... This Wesley Ward trainee (5-1) that runs good when fresh, earned her career best Equiform figure going five-eighths on the GP turf, she's been training with purpose at her Palm Meadows base, still hs upside as a late-season 3-year-old and reunites with Jozbin Santana, who excels with early speed turf types. Value seems assured.

Th-th-th-a-a-t's All, Folks.

Taking Sweet And Lowdown at 4-1 or greater and key boxing her in multiples with course loving Rosa Salvaje (3-1) and the streaking Madame Giry (2-1).

Running Totals: May, 2007-Present

Number of Selections: 1223

Number of Win-Place-Show Finishers: 374-240-184

Amount Wagered: $2,448 [to win only]

Total Dollar Return on Investment: $2,562.50

Profit to Date: $114.50