Cary Fotias

Cary Fotias is the Founder and President of Equiform, a New York City firm that produces The XTRAS and The SHORTS, handicapping products for evaluating current condition and form cycles. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed handicapping book, Blinkers Off, which describes an innovative numerical approach to form-cycle analysis.

After spending eight years as a currency trader on Wall Street, Fotias has spent the last 16 years as professional handicapper. He is a member of the NTRA Players Panel and was chosen to give a presentation to the Ad Hoc Committee on the Future of New York Racing on behalf of New York horseplayers.

Fotias is a vocal proponent of lower takeouts. He also has a strong interest in the cutting-edge concept of betting exchanges and how they might be developed in the U.S. He feels the game would prosper if it would only adapt to the economic and technological realities of the information age.

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Cary Fotias's 'No Limit Handicapping'

In an effort to better serve HRI readers, and not limit Cary Fotias to the California circuit exclusively, Cary will be posting his value plays at whatever track he deems suitable. So be sure to check out his “No Limit Handicapping” column daily.

Cary has been posting his selections at HorseRaceInsider on a semi-weekly basis since 2007. Author and professional horseplayer, a look at his running totals are simply among the most unusual ever for a handicapper posting selections in advance in the public arena.

His cumulative running totals of (44) 15-3-5 as of July, 2009--for a total dollar return of $204.70 based on win selections only--yielded an otherworldly 231% return on investment. This is not the kind of impossible claim you often will see from other handicappers.

Cary's selections and results are easily verifiable, archived on the HRI site for your verification. HRI is very proud to have Cary Fotias as its handicapper in residence.