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Tom Jicha grew up in New York City and worked with John Pricci at the short-lived revival of the New York Daily Mirror. Tom moved to Miami in 1972 for a position in the sports department at the now defunct Miami News.

Tom became the TV critic in 1980 and moved to the South Florida Sun Sentinel in 1988. All the while he has kept his hand in sports, including horse racing. He has covered two Super Bowls, a World Series and the Breeders’ Cup at Gulfstream Park.

He's been the Sun Sentinel’s horse racing writer since 2007 as a staff member, and continues to this day as a free-lancer.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Cheltenham Festival and Betting Options

The Cheltenham Festival is an annual event that offers jump races and a large prize for the winner. By keeping up with the odds and the options for your bets, you will be able to enjoy the horse races and plan out your time at the festival.

Basics of the Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival is an annual event that usually occurs on Saint Patrick's Day and the surrounding days. During the event, you will see a variety of races and special plans related to the National Hunt racing calendar. During the festival, there are four event days.The first day is Champion Day. It is followed up by Ladies Day and then Saint Patrick's Day. The final day of the festival is Gold Cup Day. It is on Gold Cup Day that you will find out the final results of the races and the event as a whole.
Odds for the Races

The Cheltenham betting odds vary significantly between races and events. Each race offers odds for the different horses and jockeys participating in the race. You will want to look into the race odds for each individual race and horse throughout the festival to keep up with changes or adjustments that may occur. Keep in mind that the odds are an estimate based on past performance and skills. You may notice the odds change throughout the festival as horses and jockeys improve their skills or showcase differences when compared to initial expectations.

Odds are available through online and traditional bookies. You will be able to look at the odds and details throughout the festival as new races and events take place. Focus on looking into the different horses, jockeys and participants, as well as the odds, when you are looking at a bet.

Options for Your Bets

Placing your bet during the festival depends on your preferences and interests. You will notice that you have options and opportunities throughout the festival by placing bets at official bookies set up during the event.

If you are not attending the event, then you may want to consider online bets. An online bet allows you to bet on your favorite horse or jockey without following up on a traditional process. You will not need to turn in a ticket to claim a win, since it will automatically update in your account after the race.

You can also place a bet with off-course bookies. An off-course bookie is a traditional bookie that does not provide services at the festival or the race track. Since bookies at the race track may have a large crowd, you may feel comfortable placing a bet at an off-course location. You will want to check into the bookie before you place a bet to ensure that you work with a legitimate professional.

Betting on the races at the Cheltenham Festival allows you to make a profit on your bet. The challenge is finding out the best source for your bet and ensuring that you consider the odds to avoid unnecessary risks. By keeping up with the horses and paying attention to your options, you will be able to focus on enjoying the festival.

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