Friday, February 14, 2014

After Skating Accident Campbell to Miss 6 to 8 Weeks

"Harness Racing Update" News Flash

By Bill Finley

Driver John Campbell broke his collarbone in an ice skating accident Wednesday and said he will be sidelined from six to eight weeks. Campbell was about to go skating with his grandson when the mishap happened.

And you thought that driving harness horses for a living was risky business?

“I was skating at an outdoor rink around the corner from my house and was putting in some time before my youngest grandson came down a nd I was going to help him skate,” the Hall of Famer said. “There was a piece of the ice that just gave away and it tripped me.”

Drivers can usually return from collarbone breaks within a few weeks, but Campbell said his absence will be longer due to some complications involving a piece of bone that broke off.

Though injuries never come at a good time, Campbell was at least relieved that he would return in time for the prime stakes season.

“The biggest positive is that I’ll be back before the 3 year olds starts qualifying,” he said. “That’s the biggest positive I can take from this.”

Campbell had has had to deal with numerous injuries over the last several years. He broke his elbow in a 2003 spill, shattered his knee in 2006 and broke his shoulder and a knee when involved in a 2011 accident at Chester.

When asked if he were starting to feel snake-bitten, he replied: “I wouldn’t say that. These things just happen.”

Written by Bill Finley of Harness Racing Update

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