Friday, February 28, 2014

Chester Team Says LIttle About Track But Racing Datesa Reinstated

Barry Brown, the head of the racing operation at Harrah's Philadelphia, didn't tell the Pennsylvania Harness Commission much about the track's plans to deal with its controversial racing surface, but he said enough to get the 2014 racing dates reinstated.

In late January, the commission had suspended the Harrah's 2014 racing dates because management had not come forward with any information about what, if anything, it planned to do about a racing surface that many drivers had complained was unsafe.

The situation took on a far more serious note after driver Anthony Coletta was critically injured in a Nov. 17 spill that occurred in an area some drivers have said is particularly dangerous.

Meeting before the commission yesterday, Brown never specifically said that management would take any action which would involve fixing the racetrack, only that experts were being brought in to examine it.

Brown was not subjected to any follow-up questions from any of the commission members. When asked to clarify the situation afterward by Harness Racing Update Brown refused to comment.

He did say that the meet would not start on time, but was careful to blame the delay on the surface being frozen and made no mention of the delay being the result of possible repairs to the track.

He said the meet would be delayed by "one, maybe two weeks at the most." Brown said he would submit a revised racing schedule to the commission on Friday.

The track was originally scheduled to open March 14.

Written by Bill Finley of Harness Racing Update

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