SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY, May 8, 2012-Strange as it might seem, there are two stories Wednesday on the Brian Williams magazine show "30 Rock" that is positive for racing; one directly, one tangentially.

Neville Bardos is a horse that was destined for the slaughterhouse until an Australian-turned-American trainer, Boyd Martin, rescued him at the age of three. The two now compete in a sport called three-day eventing.

The event is the equestrian equivalent of a triathlon and Martin is one of its leading practitioners as a top-ranked American rider. This summer's Olympic Games in London mark the 100th anniversary of equestrian events at the Olympics, and Neville Bardos and Boyd will be among the favorites to make the US equestrian team. Veteran electronic journalist Harry Smith reports.

Meanwhile, host Williams returns to the NBC News archives and finds a 1961 documentary from David Brinkley stating the case that "rock and roll music in the United States is dying." At that time, Bruce Springsteen was a 12-year-old. Hopefully, racing will suffer the same fate as rock n' roll.