Its probably two years from being released. Im betting Breeders Cup, 2009. Maybe Kentucky Derby, 2010.

With apologies to Shirley MacLaine, were going out on a limb. Barbaro is a sure thing hit.

How could it not? All the elements are there. Think about it.

An American equestrian, a gold medal winner at the Pan American Games, is one of a handful of people to survive a horrific plane crash.

Not only did he survive but he and his fiance helped save the lives of three children who were traveling alone to visit their grandmother in upstate New York.

The compassionate horseman decides, experience and inclination be damned. He would become a horse trainer. His career path comes full circle when he wins the Kentucky Derby.

I know what youre thinking: Too implausible, trite.

The horse that wins the Derby impressively becomes a consensus favorite to win the Triple Crown. But he breaks down in the Preakness, the fractures requiring 23 screws to put his leg back together.

Despite successful surgery, hes given about a five percent chance to survive. Far too generous in light of the circumstances, thought most racetrackers.

But his owners spared no expense; generous to a fault, accused some. The veterinary surgeon that attended him proves a generous, loving, dedicated and tireless genius.

The colt is the best patient anyone had ever seen.

The horse leads the network nightly news for a week. Thousands of blogs and forum items are written about him on web-sites around the cyber-world.

The hospital taking care of him begins to receive significant donations in his name. Cards and candles and flowers rim the surrounding fence posts.

The phenomenon doesnt stop.

Then, ultimately, tragedy. A disease with no cure claims him but because he lived it's now on everyones radar. Strides have been taken.

The man who will produce and direct the movie, from a magazine piece written by his cousin for the August 2007 issue of Vanity Fair, buys the rights with a major studio.

And the director knows a thing or two about making films, movies with a sports theme. Because didn't he turn his cousins book, Friday Night Lights, into a first rate film?

And didn't the film later become a first rate network television series about how a high school football team is the only reason to live in a small Texas town?

A town that could have been prologue to The Last Picture Show if not for the life-affirming value of sport and its heroes.

Love, dedication, hope. Playing at a theater near you.