Little has changed since the first time I entered a New York racing press box and was summarily warned that just because something is a good idea, and works very well elsewhere, that it automatically would be instituted in New York.

Why not? I asked.



Not Invented Here.


I had three reasons to go to Belmont Park last Sunday: the Breeders Cup Preview program; an absolutely beautiful fall afternoon perfect for going to the races and, of course, the 10-cent superfecta.

Well, it was about damn time.

Ive been betting the fractional super at the Saratoga Harness simulcasts and Capital Off-Track Bettings Teletheater for over a year now, but not until Sunday was I able to get down on track in New York.

Of course, fractional betting should be available everywhere now!

There are no excuses. The software programs are out there. So are the players who want and support them. And so are the opportunities to make money, given the high priced payoffs.

Why not get the little guys involved, anyway? And why not give the intermediate and bigger boys more leverage for the wagering dollars?

I agree with the whales and with track executives, that the Pick Six should remain a $2 wager. The Pick Six is about carryovers, and handle does grow exponentially as the size of the carryover pool increases.

However, offering a 50-cent trifecta, as is done at several tracks currently, wouldnt be the worst idea, either. Neither would a $1 Pick Five with a mandatory payout, or a 50-cent Pick Seven.

The problem is getting the State Racing and Wagering Board to agree quickly to anything practically takes an emergency session of the State Legislature. The process is just so silly.

Big bettors are concerned that fractional betting takes away the edge their larger bankrolls provide. But the majority of $1 and $2 bettors generally are not as sophisticated as the big boys. Why not invite everybody into the pool? The more the merrier. Whats to be afraid of?

Like somebody actually has a lock on this game!

The betting menu in New York doesnt go far enough; its not complete enough. Only three superfectas are carded daily plus any Grade 1 race with a $500,000 purse.

Like half-million dollar Grade 1s grow on trees.

The SRWB, meanwhile, wont allow superfectas in races with stable entries. As if the fans couldnt figure out that if the order of finish in a race were, say, 1, 2, 1A, 3, 4, the winning superfecta ticket would read 1,2,3,4 which includes the actual fifth-place finisher. And they already compensate for that kind of result in the trifecta.

Give players a little credit. Were adults playing an adults game. Stop protecting us from ourselves.

Fractional betting in super exotic pools levels the playing field for all horseplayers. Not only is that eminently fair but its also good business.