Havent begun thinking about an end of year piece yet and I think Ive seen three Kentucky Derby Top Ten lists. Nothing like being the first kid on your block, I guess.

Figure Ill wait long enough before finding the time to look over the past performances on a rather comprehensive list of Kentucky Derby nominees published by Brisnet, over 600 soon to be three-year-olds.

But Im still working on my freshening. Horseplayers may not need six weeks between wagers, but a short layup is good.

You get stale, you get beat.

And what better time of year to freshen up. Family, friends, food. Not always in that order.

Sometimes a first run movie is good.

Not to worry, no full blown review. But I will say that the new Will Smith flick, I Am Legend, would be worth your time if youre freshening up, too, and were looking for a little mind candy.

Im not a sci-fi kind of guy, but this was some pretty good stuff. Smith is always solid, and my daughters tell me that post-apocalyptic movies are the rage right now.

Who knew?

Anyway, it was good, right down to the War of the Worlds ending. Smiths daughter Willow appeared in the movie, like his son was in Pursuit of Happyness.

And Smiths German Shepherd movie sidekick was rescued from an animal shelter by the films producers. From pound to big screen. Only in America.

Meanwhile, wonder what will happen today when serious negotiations on the New York racing franchise resumes? What is it, the 27th? Good. Five days. Plenty of time.

Just think. Since VLTs were approved, Albanys been freshening up for six years.

But thats OK because the games getting good again: To Fair Grounds now add Santa Anita, which opened yesterday, and Gulfstream Park, starting a week from today.

Maybe I should begin thinking about those six hundred soon to be sophomores after all. Maybe give Cary a call, start looking at the figures.

The Derbys early this year, May 3. Thats 129 days from now. Including today, of course.