Arcadia, Ca., Nov. 2, 2007--

Its almost Cal Cup weekend. And I try never to miss a Cal Cup weekend!

Dont know Cal Cup? Think Muskrat Ramble--West Coast style.

But I kid Cal Cup. Just think of me as an Equal Opportunity Kidder--Corona, New York style. New York-bred; California-bred. Matters little to me. Love them all. Fair game, all.

Actually, another 36 more days and nights of what passed for weather last weekend at the Jersey Shore and Id go anywhere for a little sunshine.

But the Santa Anas are coming, again, and given recent events, thats big news around here. Not talking good news, either, especially in Orange County, where wildfires continue burning. Thankfully, the latest wind storm wont be as fierce. At least thats what the weather handicappers say.

Throughout the Golden State almost all the fires are out, but not in Orange County. And gusts up to 45 MPH are not to be trifled with, especially with temperatures approaching 90 this weekend.

Lifes crazy. Im in a state where its virtually impossible to smoke anywhere despite air you can see, almost taste. And the worst of the wildfires, down San Diego way, were traced to a boy playing with matches. Such a sad burden, such a young man.

But enough of that. Ill just labor here, in lifes candy store, where a wet track is mans biggest problem and the only bias that exists is on one portion of the track that might be a tad slower than another.

Im very disappointed. Been here nearly 24 hours and no L.A. Joe sightings. Hey, maybe Joe and Zim will be at the races tomorrow. Theres a million-dollar guaranteed pool in the Pick Six. And they love, love, love their Pick Six in L.A. Joe could put Zim in action.

But it looks like the screenwriters are definitely going out on strike. They want a piece of the DVD action. Cant say I blame them. Hope its averted. When I get back East, and the northeast winds begin to blow, I'm gonna need my TV.

Thank heaven Britney is still in the news. Will someone please get the girl a valid drivers license? This is California, people!

In no particular hurry to get back to New York. Unless those megalomaniacs in Albany get their acts together, racing in New York could come to a stop anyway. Happy New Year everybody!

For now, bring on Cushion track! And to all a goodnight.