Need to give props to Keeneland Race Course as their 2007 fall meet winds down until next spring.

Who do you like in the 2008 Blue Grass? Wicked Style, right?

Anyway, the brain trust in Lexington no longer employs their fathers track management philosophies.

It wasnt too long ago when these guys thought a race caller was an extravagance. Then came the simulcast era, and someone was needed to tell the customer who was winning the races. A track announcer no longer was regarded a luxury.

But Keeneland gets kudos for three reasons; four if you believe, as I do, they are more responsive to horseplayer's needs.

First, I dont care for Polytrack racing. But I will say the surface has played more honestly this fall.

Even if front-running winners remain at a premium.

But not only did Keeneland embrace the 10-Cent superfecta rather early in the game, but this week instituted another fractional wager, the 50-Cent trifecta.

(Kudos to Arlington Park for first breaking that ground).

The betting menu for the average player that shows up with $100 and change in his pocket gives him a chance to make a score on the cheap.

It starts with the 10-Cent super, whose low cost provides needed leverage. Its still not easy to cash, mind you, but losses are held well within affordable limits while coverage is optimized.

Now, for a half a buck, you can come back and optimize your play using your preferred choices without worrying about that impossible 40-1 shot that finishes fourth and busts you out.

Unless, of course, you used him.

For a dollar, the betting sequence is completed in exactas. A winning exacta, still inexpensive at that price, can yield a profit even if you lose the tri and super.

Weve said it before. But it bears repeating for those venues who remain out of touch with how their customers play the modern game.

Given todays technology, theres no excuse not to make fractional betting available everywhere, at least in intra-race pools.

Once thats done well start working on the 50-Cent Pick Five, to be offered somewhere between the early and late Pick Fours. What do you think?

The Pick Six can remain a $2 wager. Happy, Mr. Whale?