Weather reports from area code 502 call for rain. The worst of it to come today, more on Friday, with a chance that it will continue into Derby Day.

Churchill Downs is a fast-drying surface and the track maintenance department work the track strenuously to get it dry and fast by Kentucky Derby post time. Fast, with a capital F, generally is the byword on big race-days at the Downs.

We scurried to our wet-track sire stats as compiled by Bloodstock Research. We looked for two-sided pedigrees, horses that figured to excel in wet conditions because the offspring of the sire and grand-sire already have: We established a minimum criteria for sire and grand-sire combined at 36 percent efficiency. Here are the qualifiers, in alphabetical order:

Any Given Saturday: 41%
Cowtown Cat: 41%
Curlin 36%
Nobiz Like Shobiz 36%
Scat Daddy 45%
Sedgefield 36%
Stormello 39%
Street Sense 36%
Teuflesberg 40%
Zanjero 38%

Its just not easy finding an edge in this Derby. Some of the above are favorites; some are extreme longshots. Keep these percentages in mind if conditions are wet, especially for exotic wagering.