Good suggestion in a piece by Dan Liebman of yesterday.

Liebman explained how Nascar exploded into sports consciousness only after its CEO, Brian France, bundled their biggest events around the country and sold them to television in one huge collective package.

He went on to explain that Frances job was similar to that of a racing marketer in that it took visiting each individual site, in racings case, the racetracks, and convincing them that by taking less for the overall good of the sport, less would eventually mean more at the bottom line.

Wouldnt you know it? It worked out just that way. Now all the major Nascar events are broadcast over the air on the Fox, Turner and ABC/ESPN networks? Resultantly, individual speedways are sharing a smaller piece of a much larger money pool.

Liebman suggests that if racing could come up with a cohesive and comprehensive schedule of the best races from all over the country, a new network could help grow the thoroughbred sport exponentially compared to the largely regional exposure it gets today, Triple Crown and Breeders Cup notwithstanding.

That sure sounds like something that might have a chance to succeed if the tracks could reach some kind of compromise and work together.

Hmmm. I wonder if the tracks could get beyond their own interests, take one for the team, but help themselves in the long term?