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Marc Lawrence has authored thousands of articles expounding on the three primary forms of sports handicapping: Fundamental, Statistical and Technical. To be a successful handicapper, blending all three forms of analysis into the handicapping equation. Marc relies heavily on a proprietary powerful database of scores, stats and results of games played since 1980, both College and Pro Football and College and Pro Basketball.

Marc has been handicapping sports professionally since 1975, having won more documented Top 10 Handicapping Achievement awards than any handicapper in the nation. He won the 2005 STARDUST FOOTBALL INVITATIONAL Contest and was a SEMI-FINALIST in the 2006 $100,000 LEROYS' MONEY TALKS Contest last season. He finished the 2006 season as the No. 1 handicapper in the NFL as documented by SPORTS WATCH in Las Vegas. Marc also finished No. 1 in the nation in College Football win percentage in 2005 as documented by both the SPORTS MONITOR in Oklahoma and SPORTS WATCH in Las Vegas. He was named HANDICAPPER OF THE YEAR in 2005 by FOOTBALL NEWS.

In 2008, he finished No. 1 in NFL win percentage according to SPORTS WATCH and also captured 1st place honors in the 2008 PLAYBOOK WISE GUYS CONTEST.

Marc has hosted a national radio show "MARC LAWRENCE AGAINST THE SPREAD" for each of the last 16 years on over 100 stations syndicated in the USA. He is a tireless handicapper who works a minimum 60-hour week during the football and basketball seasons. As a handicapper he firmly believes that three things can happen when you bet an underdog, and two of them are good. He enjoys helping others to become better informed.

Marc married his high school sweetheart 40 years ago and has one son, Marc Jr., who works with him in the industry. Aside from publishing the PLAYBOOK Football Yearbook magazine and Weekly Newsletters, Marc enjoys golf and horse racing.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


With the NBA regular season drawing to the finish line, and while we await the start of the 2011 NBA playoffs, let examine a favorite handicapping ploy that has served me well over the years at this stage of the campaign.

It all centers around team teams concluding the season that will be playing with same season triple revenge. This particular handicap works for two reasons. One –

Trips Is Enough

The fact of the matter is it’s not easy for one team to take another out four times in a row during the same season, especially during the late, late stages of the season.

According to our database, since 1991, teams playing with same season triple revenge are 57-100 SU and 84-65-1 ATS during the final two games of the season. That’s a sharp 56.3% win percentage for these hungry rats.

Better yet, dress them up as dogs in these games and they improve to 68-49-1 ATS, a 58.1% winning level.

The other reason these triple revenging dogs bark loud is complacency. Thus, reason two is -

Playing Down To The Level Of The Opposition

Most teams that have managed to triple up one opponent over the course of the season are either playoff bound or ultra-confident, whereas the victims are busy making tee-times.

Thus these opponents often times find themselves playing down to the level of the thrice-beaten opponent.

And if these season-ending triple revengers were dogs of eight or more points in their previous game they are a super-sharp 28-11 ATS in these games.

FYI: there is an eye-opening 17-1 ATS winning angle inside the 28-11 situation outlined above. I’ll save that beauty and reveal the parameters when and if any such situations arise this week inside one of my Guaranteed Best Bet selections.

Mark Them Down

Meanwhile, here are the six teams that will close out the 2011 season looking to avenge hat-trick defeats:

4/11 – Houston, Sacramento and Toronto
4/13 – New York, Phoenix and Toronto

Don’t trip up. Keep an eye on them and act accordingly. I’ll return with an NBA Playoff Primer later in the week…

Written by Marc Lawrence

Marc Lawrence can also be found at - One Click Handicapping
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It’s onward to Houston for the Final Four games. To put the wraps on the 2011 NCAA Tournament, listed below are some interesting trends and angles to consider before our Fab Four lifts off this weekend. All results listed below are ATS (Against The Spread) and most recent since 1991 unless noted otherwise. Enjoy…


• #3 seeds are 7-3 (4-0 SU and ATS as favs or dogs of 4 or less points)
• #8 or lower seeds are 0-3
• Teams off BB SU dog wins are 1-8
• Teams who are 3-0 ATS last 3 games are 9-24
• Teams with revenge are 2-7
• Big East teams are 1-4 SU and 0-5 ATS
• SEC teams are 6-2 as dog or favorites of less than 7 points
• Teams with the greater win percentage are 10-2 SU and ATS S/2005
• Returnees from last year in this round are 8-0 SU and 7-1 ATS as favorites


• #3 seed dogs are 1-3
• #5 or worse seeds are 0-4 SU and 1-3 ATS
• Favorites of 5 or less points are 10-1
• Favorites who scored 80 > points in the Final 4 round are 4-1
• Teams with a win percentage of .810 < are 0-4 SU & ATS
• Teams off an ATS win of 16 or more points are 1-5 SU and ATS
• Dogs of more than 2 points who allowed 60 > points in Final 4 round are 1-5
• Dogs 3 or more points off a SU dog win are 1-5
• Big East teams are 3-0 SU and ATS
• SEC teams are 3-0 ATS as favorites


• Butler’s Brad Stevens is:
48-56-4 ATS as a favorite and 16-6-1 ATS as a dog
33-16-2 ATS vs non-conference
10-3 SU and ATS in NCAA tournament
2-2 SU and ATS vs Big East
1-0 SU and ATS vs CAA
1-2 SU and ATS vs SEC

• Connecticut’s Jim Calhoun is:
228-236-12 ATS as a favorite and 63-57-1 ATS as a dog
98-98-5 ATS vs non-conference
43-13 SU and 28-27-1 ATS in NCAA tournament
7-1 SU and 2-6 ATS vs CAA
0-0 SU and 0-0 ATS vs Horizon League
13-5 SU and 11-7 ATS vs SEC

• Kentucky’s John Calipari is:
237-204-14 ATS as a favorite and 53-27-1 ATS as a dog
129-98-5 ATS vs non-conference
32-13 SU and 23-21-1 ATS in NCAA tournament
23-8 SU and 17-13-1 ATS vs Big East
6-0 SU and ATS vs CAA
2-0 SU and ATS vs Horizon League

• VCU’s Shaka Smart is:
24-26-1 ATS as a favorite and 9-6 ATS as a dog
14-12 ATS vs non-conference
5-0 SU and ATS in NCAA tournament
1-1 SU and ATS vs Big East
0-0 SU and ATS vs Horizon League
0-1 SU and ATS vs SEC

There you have it, trends and notes of teams and coaches for the NCAA Final Four and out games played the last 20 years. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tournament as much as I have. I’ll return during the NBA playoffs with an overview of some Good, Bad, and downright Ugly stats and trends. Until then, enjoy the rest of the ‘Dance’.

Written by Marc Lawrence

Marc Lawrence can also be found at - One Click Handicapping
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SWEET 16 RETURNEES… Buyer Beware

With the 2011 NCAA Tournament entering the SWEET 16 round, let’s take a different perspective in analyzing the teams that have arrived. It pertains specifically to teams that are returning to the SWEET 16 for the 2nd straight year. Do they perform like a team with experience and panache, or do they execute like CEO’s looking for golden parachutes and cushy bonuses while steering a sinking ship? Let’s take a peek.

How Do You Do

According to our database, since 1991, teams making a right-back appearance in the SWEET 16 from the previous year are 56-39 SU and 42-51-1 ATS in Round Three of the tourney. The cut-line, however, is often times the pointspread.

That’s confirmed by the fact that favorites of more than 6 points are 31-2 SU and 21-12 ATS in these games. Priced at anything less (dog or favorite of 6 or fewer points), they dip drastically to 25-37 SU and 21-39-1 ATS in competitive contests.

Last year witnessed five SWEET 16 returnees, all of whom collectively managed to go 2-2-1 ATS during this round.

All Aboard

Taking a look at this year’s list of returnees, we find no less than four teams that were here last year. They include – Butler, Duke, Kentucky and Ohio State.

Looking at it from a different perspective, one major exception to the rule is that SWEET 16 returnees seem to struggle when arriving off a win of less than 10 points, going just 13-27-2 ATS.


Worse, when SWEET 16 returnees arrive off a single digit win after having won their opening round tournament game by fewer than 15 points they drop to 7-15 SU and 4-16-1 ATS, including 2-14-1 when facing a foe off an ATS win. FYI: The life rafts ready and standing by for Butler and Kentucky.

The bottom line is you can draw your own conclusions, if you like. But make no mistake, when it comes to handicapping teams in the SWEET 16, the winners will likely be the better-qualified teams that have ‘been there-and-done that’. Or those who know how to keep a ship afloat, if you know what I mean…

Written by Marc Lawrence

Marc Lawrence can also be found at - One Click Handicapping
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