Indianapolis over KANSAS CITY by 1

If this were a canine contest, Indy would win best in show, hands down. It starts with the Colts’ eye-opening 14-3 ITS (In The Stats) record this season – including 13-1 ITS in its last fourteen games. Meanwhile, after booting star RB Kareem Hunt off the squad in December, going just 3-2 SU and ITS while burning the money in 4 of the five contests, the Chiefs performed as if they were on a drunk down the stretch. For a team that is 0-8 ATS in its last eight playoff games at Arrowhead, including 6 straight up losses in a row, they now look instead more like a team in need of recovery rather than one with its sights set on a Super Bowl. That’s not good news when one considers that the host team in KC/AFC South games has gone 3-14 SUATS the last eight years, with the Chiefs just 1-7 SUATS at home against the Colts dating back to 1996. The bottom line is Indianapolis QB Andrew Luck is playing the best ball of his career and has never lost a game at Arrowhead (2-0 SUATS). And while the Chiefs are one of only 9 teams in NFL history to score 540 points in a season, NONE of them won the Super Bowl. The blue ribbon goes to Indianapolis.