Super Bowl 53: Rams over Patriots by 1

As you can see, the edges in this contest are pretty much split right down the middle. And with both teams arriving off overtime victories, this game certainly has the look of whomever scores last wins written all over it. But if you believe in destiny, then your heart has to be with the upstart Rams, a team that was 4-12 when Sean McVay took them over two seasons ago.

The fact of the matter is Los Angeles is a team that, for all intents and purposes, should not even be here (read: blown call by the zebras in the late stages of last week’s game against New Orleans). But then again if Kansas City’s DE Dee Ford doesn’t line up offside, the Pats wouldn’t be here, either.

With the Rams wearing their classic blue-and-yellow throwbacks in which they are 5-1 this season, and underdogs on a blistering 16-4-1 ATS winning run in the postseason the past two seasons, the final edge is theirs. Fear the crypto.