Imagine being a 10-plus win team last season and now a losing squad at this stage of the season. How difficult of a job is it for a coach to get his team psyched to play this week, you ask? Plenty.

According to our database, losing teams in Game Eight of the season who won 10 or more game last year are 17-35-1 ATS since 1980. If these same teams allow 21 or more PPG on the season they dip to 10-32-1 ATS.

Two teams on this week’s card figure to take a ‘standing 8-count’, namely BYU and Central Michigan. Talk about being staggered, after winning 23-games combined in 2008, the Cardinals and Owls enter this week with a cumulative 4-10 record!

Worse, if these ‘standing 8-counters’ are facing a foe off a loss in its last game, and they are allowing 21-plus points on the season, they become a 3-15 ATS punching bag. With that, look for BYU to take it on the chin this week. Sound the bell…