Tuesday, March 12 2013



MIKE SMITH, RUMOR, WINNER: (In response to how he felt she came to this race, if he thought she was going to step forward here.)
“Well, it didn’t look that way. Last time I rode her she was just quiet, really, really quiet. Quiet in the gate, didn’t get into the race, just stayed quiet. Today, I said I really want to warm her up, at least, at some point, get her into the race and see what would happen. When I did, she just locked on, and once she did that I knew she was going to run, it was just a matter of being good enough. You know, I’m not too sure Teddy Promise ran her race today, but when I saw that she wasn’t really ‘kickin’ on I thought I had a shot to win it. Once I got her clear she went on about her business. She went to the front a little sooner than you would want, but like I said, you never know with ‘Teddy;’ she might fire a big one on us. You got to get her when you can, and that’s what we did. She kind of loafed a little at the end and she won well within herself.”

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