Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gulfstream: $150,000 Sunshine Millions Turf Quotes

Trainer Eddie Kenneally (Star Channel): “Big day so far. We’re done. Nervous? Yeah, that was close. There was not much between the photo, and the fact that there was a lot of contact, plenty of contact when I saw it on the head-on. I wasn’t sure what way it was going to go. I don’t know who was causing the bumping but it looked like it was going to go 50-50, and thankfully it came our way.

“He showed up and ran a big race, absolutely. The distance is exactly what he wants to do. That’s how he likes to run, and he had a big day. Gerry Carwood is the trainer of this horse, and I took him for the winter. He’ll go back with Jerry in the spring. We’ll just play it by ear, chat with the owner and see what they want to do next.”

Jockey Jose Lezcano (Star Channel): "He broke really good. He tried hard the whole way and never quit. In the stretch, he (Gary Stevens on Old Time Hockey) touched my horse first. I know it looked like we touched him first, but really he was coming out. It was my first time riding him, but I watched a few of his replays. Eddie (Kenneally) didn’t give me any instructions.”

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