Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mrs. Walter M. Jeffords Stakes Quotes

Janet Elliot, winning trainer of The Grey Express (No. 5): "We bought her last year, actually, specifically to run in Saratoga. [When she was turned out] the other mare kicked this mare in the shoulder and gave her two chips, so that was her out for the rest of the year. .So, this has really been her first year. In a way it's helped, because she's had a year to acclimatize. She's game; she really tries. When she's on, it looks like she digs in and does her best. She did a nice job. She's a good girl."

Ross Geraghty, winning jockey aboard The Grey Express (No. 5): "She's very good. She's not flamboyant. She's just very efficient. She gets in tight and pops away. I didn't ask for anything from her, apart for the last two. When you do [ask] she gives you everything."

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