Sunday, October 06, 2013

$100,000 Quality Road Quotes

Trainer Luis Olivares (Sr. Quisqueyano): “Two turns helps this horse a lot. I was concerned when I ran him a (one-turn) mile the other day. He relaxes more when he goes two turns. When I saw :24 and :47, I knew they were dead. I knew how he was training. He was training real well.

“I know Csaba wanted to go to the lead so I told the jockey (Carlos Olivero), ‘You got to go to the lead and cut in front of him and throw some dirt on him. Then, ride your own race from there.’ He loves to be on the lead. Everybody took back and that helped him a lot.

Jockey Carlos Olivero (Sr. Quisqueyano): “I was told to go to the lead and get to the rail. It was nice and easy early and he ran his race.”

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