Sunday, November 11, 2012


Rodolphe Brisset, assistant to winning trainer Bill Mott, of Starformer (No. 1): “Nobody knows [how they will handle the soft going] until you try. We scratched her from the Flower Bowl thinking she may not handle the soft going. She then ran a very good race in the Spinster; she was fourth. I guess if you have to take a shot, it was today.

“When she won in Delaware, she won on the lead. The main thing is, I think, you don’t want them rank. You want them very relaxed. You can see her ears were pricked; she was a happy horse all the way around and she got the job done. Edgar knows her so there wasn’t any big, big conference. Just let her do what she has to do and what she knows, and that’s what she did.”

Edgar Prado, winning jockey aboard Starformer (No. 1): “It’s been raining and snowing, and a lot of the water goes to the inside. I had the No. 1 post position, so I had to come running out of there and take her to the outside. It seemed like the plan worked out beautiful. She was happy up there, enjoying the trip, and when the other horse came to her she felt the other horse and picked it up at the end. Me and her, we get along pretty good.”

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