Thursday, April 26, 2012


OZONE PARK, N.Y. – The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) saw double-digit gains in on-track handle, total handle and NYRA Rewards account wagering during the recently concluded 2012 Aqueduct Racetrack winter/spring meet, which spanned 78 live racing days from January 1 through April 22.

Total handle on Aqueduct’s races was $514 million, up 22.6 percent from the $419 million wagered on Aqueduct’s races during the 2011 meet, which comprised 73 live racing days. Daily average all-sources handle on Aqueduct’s races was $6.6 million, up 14.7 percent from $5.7 million last year.

On-track wagering on Aqueduct’s races also spiked during the 2012 winter/spring meet, up 19.2 percent to $70 million from $58.7 million last year. Daily average on-track handle on Aqueduct’s races was $897,613, up 11.5 percent from $804,677 last year.

NYRA Rewards account wagering, including bets made on Aqueduct races and simulcast races, also showed gains during the Aqueduct meet. Total account wagering handle was $69 million, up 27.6 percent from last year’s $54 million, phone wagering was up 35.3 percent ($18.5 million vs. $13.7 million), and internet wagering was up 36.7 percent ($29 million vs. $21 million).

Handle at the Belmont Café simulcast center also increased, with $24 million wagered on Aqueduct’s races and simulcast races, a 45.6 percent uptick from the $16.4 million wagered last year a the Belmont Café during the meet.

Attendance for the 2012 Aqueduct winter/spring meet was down 1.7 percent from last year, with 316,707 attending the live races this year as compared with 322,165.

There were 717 live races conducted during the 2012 Aqueduct winter/spring meet, up 8.1 percent from the 663 last year, while there were 27 more turf races run this year (50 vs. 23). Averaging betting interests per race rose 6.4 percent to 7.48 from 7.03.

Below are the exact totals and daily averages for 2012 Aqueduct winter/spring meet as compared to last year:

Racing Days

Up 6.8 percent (78 v 73)

On-Track Handle* (including simulcast races)

Up 17.1 percent total ($169,143,266 vs. $144,463,747)

Up 9.6 percent daily average ($2,168,503 vs. $1,978,955)

On-Track Handle* (just NYRA races)

Up 19.2 percent total ($70,013,842 vs. $58,741,413)

Up 11.5 percent daily average ($897,613 vs. $804,677)

Total Handle (including simulcast races)

Up 21.4 percent total ($612,927,727 vs. $504,835,262)

Up 13.6 percent daily average ($7,858,048 vs. $6,915,552)

Total Handle (just NYRA races)

Up 22.6 percent total ($513,798,303 vs. $419,112,928)

Up 14.7 percent daily average ($6,587,158 vs. $5,741,273)

NYRA Rewards

Total NYRA Rewards handle up 27.6 percent ($69,267,282 vs. $54,291,497)

Phone up 35.3 percent total ($18,505,345 vs. $13,680,580)

Internet up 36.7 percent total ($29,112,847 vs. $21,292,589)

Belmont Café Handle

Up 45.6 percent ($23,922,197 vs. $16,427,168)

Aqueduct Attendance

Down 1.7 percent total (316,707 vs. 322,165)

Down 8 percent daily average (4,060 vs. 4,413)

Racing Numbers

Total Races up 8.1 percent (717 vs. 663)

Average Betting Interests per Race up 6.4 percent (7.48 vs. 7.03)

Turf Races up 217 percent (50 vs. 23)

* - Please note that NYRA on-track wagering numbers include handle wagered through NYRA Rewards account wagering and money wagered at the Belmont Café

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