Thursday, May 14, 2009

“Free & Easy Wednesdays” a Winner at Del Mar This Summer

With a "long" weekend (two days instead of one) on the agenda at Del Mar this summer, as well as the realization that everyone now is looking for ways to make their dollars go further, track officials wanted to come up with a way to welcome back their fans following the Monday-Tuesday break while providing them with what amounts to the best bargain in town. Thus was born "Free & Easy Wednesday."

And just as it sounds, the new promotion will offer racegoers big-gain-no-pain access to a day's fun at the seaside palace just north of San Diego, starting with free admission and a free reserved seat, along with half-price drinks and food for those welcoming back those thundering Thoroughbreds following their break.

"We were a little afraid folks might get confused with two days in a row off during our meet," said Del Mar Thoroughbred Club president and general manager Joe Harper with a smile. "So we want to give them incentive to give up the beach or the golf course on Wednesday and come back and play with us. If they do, they’ll find it free and easy to have one of the best days of entertainment that Southern California has to offer."

All Wednesday attendees can use their Diamond Club cards for a free trip through the track’s gates, a free program and then a free reserved seat in the Stretch Run area. Those same cards will get them 50% off on a 16-oz. draft beer and/or a 16-oz. soft drink, as well as a plump hot dog all day long.

Fans who aren’t already among the approximately 50,000 members of Del Mar's Diamond Club can sign up any day at the track outside or inside the admission gates. There is no cost to join and the process takes little more than a minute to complete. On other racing days, the Diamond Club card offers the additional advantage of one-half off the regular cost of admissions to either the Stretch Run or the Clubhouse.

"Free & Easy Wednesday" will not be in effect for opening day (July 22), but will be available each of the other seven Wednesdays during the stand, including closing day, September 9.

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