Sunday, February 01, 2009

Gulfstream Park Donates $22,000 to Injured-Jockeys’ Fund

Gulfstream Park presented the Jockeys’ Guild with a $22,000 check Saturday.

“In recent years Gulfstream Park has proven itself to be an invaluable friend to the Guild and jockeys everywhere,” said John Velazquez, Guild President. “We thank Frank Stronach (Chairman of MEC, owner of Gulfstream Park) and Bill Murphy (track president and General Manager) for their continued support, deep commitment and invaluable friendship.”

The donation was made possible in part by a state-tax credit program that the Guild put together in conjunction with Gulfstream Park.

“Riders risk life and limb every time they get into the saddle,” said Mr. Murphy. “Gulfstream and MEC have a long-running, positive relationship with America’s riders. Sympathetic state lawmakers also deserve credit for putting this law in the books, and we look forward to working with them in the future, expanding this program and creating programs for thoroughbred retirement.”

Saturday’s presentation came between the Holy Bull Stakes and the debut of Barbaro’s brother, Nicanor.

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