Friday, August 31, 2012

Palm Meadows Provides Refuge For Horses After Tropical Storm Isaac

BOYNTON BEACH, FL - Gulfstream Park's satellite training center, Palm Meadows, has opened to provide stalls and dry land to approximately 40 horses whose barns and paddocks were impacted earlier this week by Tropical Storm Isaac, which was upgraded to a hurricane after it left Florida.

Palm Meadows, which has been the winter home of five of the last seven Kentucky Derby winners, opened after Tropical Storm Isaac dumped more than 13 inches of water in some areas of Florida, including Palm Beach County.

"We fielded some calls earlier in the week and then were contacted by the County Commission," said Gary Vandenbroek, manager at Palm Meadows. "We wanted to help any way we could, and so we offered Palm Meadows to those who have horses in standing water. Right now we're just making sure everyone is comfortable and we're doing all we can. We are high and dry."

Palm Meadows, recognized as one of the finest Thoroughbred training facilities in North America, has provided a safe haven in the past for victims of storms. Just days after Hurricane Katrina devastated large areas of the Gulf Coast in 2005, Palm Meadows opened its facilities, including more than 230 furnished rooms, to hundreds of families from Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi who had lost their homes.

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