Trainer Eddie Kenneally (Ullapool): “We expected a big effort. She’s good right now. We really thought she’d run a big race. We were happy with the way she came into the race.”

(On claiming Ullapool for $25,000 in 2012): “She had run against some class horses and ran OK against some class horses. We felt there was an avenue for the filly to hopefully be an allowance filly at the time, and as it turned out, she was. As she’s continued to mature, develop and improve. She’s certainly a quality filly to have.

“She had a lung issue and she had a little pneumonia, but she’s come back good from that. We had to give her a year off; well, she was on the shelf for eight months.

“We’ll look at all the options across the country. We’re in no rush.”

Jockey Jose Lezcano (Ullapool): “She ran a very good race. She break good and it helped me a little bit when the five (R Free Roll) didn’t break so good. That way it was a little better pace instead of having to go in 21 or something like that. When I really asked her, she gave me a good run. She’s a very nice filly. She does whatever it takes to win. When I look around and saw in the corner of my eye the other horse (My Pal Chrisy) coming, she picked it up again.”