Trainer Michelle Nihei (Regalo Mia): “There was never any question that we had a good filly since she came to us as a 2-year-old. Her only bad race in the Mrs. Revere at just wasn’t her day. It was at night in the freezing cold, raining and the ground was slippery on top. Other than that she has run her race every time. We do have to allow for her size (small) in her training, but she more than makes up for it. I’ve always thought she would like a distance and a three-turn race is the obvious next step.”

Jockey Javier Castellano (Regalo Mia): "I handicapped the race and I didn't see much speed and was afraid Hooh Why and Romacaca would control the race. I expected to be closer to the pace, but my horse was off the bridle in the beginning while getting used to the soft ground, but she loved the surface. Turning for home when I asked for more she responded very well, it was a great performance from her. This was her first time on the soft ground and she handled it wonderfully."

Jockey Ronald Allen (Hooh Why): "I knew Romacaca and Refining showed speed so I was going to try to let them go ahead and hook up. When Refining backed off and didn't want to hook Romacaca, I knew Romacaca got too easy of a lead so she might be hard to catch. I saw jockey Francisco Torres was out of horse around the turn and knew I had them, all that was left was to hold off Regalo Mia, but we couldn't do it, we just ran out of gas."