COREY NAKATANI, SISTER KATE, WINNER: “I was trying to put her in the race and let her assert herself as the speed, but David (Flores) wanted to go on Baffert’s horse. I opted to let him go ahead and go, I got to his outside to track him and it ended up working out for us.”

DAVID FLORES, CANDREA, SECOND: “She got tired. I never got a chance to make her change her lead at the end, she was laying down. She tried, she was honest, and she gave me a great run, no complaints. Sometimes, that’s just the way it goes.”


JERRY HOLLENDORFER, SISTER KATE, WINNER: “It was a big win for this horse. I really didn’t expect Bob (Baffert) to send that horse (Candrea) like that. I thought Garrett (Gomez) would send his horse (Egg Drop), but he didn’t do that.

“Anyway, we knew somebody might do something like that. He (Corey Nakatani) was just supposed to get out of there running and then see what happened. That’s what he did and he rode a huge race. She can run on anything (synthetic or dirt).

“I just told Corey to get away from there running. If they gave him the lead, he was going to take it, but we thought somebody might go.”

MIKE MITCHELL, EGG DROP, FIFTH: “It went fast early, I thought she was laying in a good spot, but we just got outrun. It kind of answers things for us though, if she needs the lead, or not.”

NOTES: Winning owner/breeder Mary Caldwell is from Eagle Point, Oregon.