TYLER BAZE, CHIPS ALL IN, WINNER: “I wasn’t concerned about today at all. Not with the way he’s been training; he’s training lights out. He’s a real special horse and it’s just a privilege to be on him. He’s a really cool horse.”

(In response to how this meet has been for him)
“I came from a long ways a way and the meet’s been great. My agent (Craig O’Bryan) has done a great job, and we work well together. We’re just on to bigger and better things.”

(In response to the fire near Santa Anita where his home is located)
“I don’t think my home is in jeopardy. I know they have evacuated everyone out form that area but I just want to finish up, get home and get the dogs out so they’re safe.”

JOE TALAMO, OBVIOUSLY, SECOND: “That’s what we thought he would do, go straight out to the front. He’s coming off a long layoff so it was a perfect race for him, and it should set him up for the summer.”


RAL AYERS, ASSISTANT TO JEFF MULLINS, CHIPS ALL IN, WINNER: “You don’t have to tell Tyler anything. He knows the horse. He gets on him every week. Obviously had to run hard to get up to the lead after not getting away, so we were worried about him. He’s tough on the lead, but maybe he needed one. Who knows? We’ll take what we can get.”

MIKE MITCHELL, OBVIOUSLY, 11-10 FAVORITE, SECOND: “He opened up and had a good trip. He never really breaks real good. That’s why we routed him, because he kind of leaves the gate a little slow, but I always make a joke with Jeff Mullins.

“I say, ‘Did I fill the race for you or did you fill it for me?’ It was a good horse race. I’m happy. He ran a good race. Six and a half (furlongs) probably isn’t his game.”

NOTES: The winning owners are Jean Everest, John O’Brien and Danny Valdez of Salt Lake City, et al.