MIKE SMITH, NO JET LAG, WINNER: “I have a lot of respect for Simon (Callaghan). In the paddock he told me it wouldn’t surprise him one bit if this horse won, to trust him. That’s all he had to say. I have the utmost respect for him and his opinion, so when he said that I knew I was live. I guess he got off a little slow last race, but he broke OK today. Actually, he was pretty aggressive the first part of the race but I just jammed him in behind, European style, like he’s used to and that turned out good enough.

“When I kicked him out turning for home he exploded. I was loaded (coming up on Obviously.) I didn’t know if it would be enough to pass him, but when I was getting to him (it felt like it), but I was more worried about the grey (He Be Fire N Ice) behind me at that point, to be honest with you.”

JOE TALAMO, OBVIOUSLY, 1-2 FAVORITE, FOURTH: “My horse relaxed right out of the gate, we were just unfortunate today. He kicked home real nice, ran a great race, but we were outrun today. I think we’re all a little bit disappointed but he’s still a nice horse and we still have the Breeders’ Cup. He’ll bounce back.”


SIMON CALLAGHAN, NO JET LAG, WINNER: “This is a really talented horse. He needs a pace, more to relax than anything. I told the owner, he’s the best horse or the second-best I’ve had. It wasn’t an easy decision to throw him into this race, but we believe he’s really talented and deserved the shot.

“He’s eligible for the Breeders’ Cup. We’ll discuss it now with the owner. That was the whole reason behind running in this race, rather than waiting for a two-other-than (condition) that he was eligible for. It wasn’t a surprise to us, put it to you that way.

Instructions to Mike Smith? “I just said there’s bound to be a lot of speed in the race, with Obviously, and I thought something else might go with him, which proved to be the case . . . My horse has an enormous amount of speed. It’s just a matter of harnessing it and getting him to react. That’s the most important thing.”

JOHN SADLER, HE BE FIRE N ICE, SECOND, AND BAROCCI, THIRD: “Both horses ran great races. It was a very fast race. We don’t have any excuses. Both ran great.”

NOTES: The winning owner is Anthony Ramsden of London.