Mike Smith (jockey, Mizdirection, 1st) – “I broke better this time (compared to last year’s race). Much more alert. I took advantage of the break and I took the rail right away, which is the best place to be turning right. You get a lot of momentum coming out of that turn going left. Man, she was right there. I was worried I might have been a little too close, but I’m glad I was because the lead horses weren’t stopping. Reneesgotzip wouldn’t give up.”

Mike Puype (trainer, Mizdirection, 1st) – “She loves it here, eh? She loves Santa Anita. She’s seven-for-seven on the turf. She’s really tenacious, but it’s quite sad that she is getting on a plane tomorrow and heading for the sales (in Kentucky).”

Jason Servis (trainer, Tightend Touchdown, dead-heat for 2nd) – “He ran good. I’m very, very happy. From what I saw he had a great trip. I’ll settle for the deadheat. This is even better than I first thought. This is a dream come true. I can see how people get hooked on this. I’m going to take him to Palm Meadows this winter and we’ll make some decisions from there. He’ll (run on) dirt too, so we have a lot of options. This is unbelievable. I’m elated.”

Javier Castellano (jockey, Tightend Touchdown, dead-heat for 2nd) – “I got a really good trip. They went fast early and he finished strong with the other two horses. He ran a really good race but just missed.”

Edwin Maldonado (jockey, Reneesgotzip, dead-heat for 2nd) – “She got caught by a really good filly. What more can you ask for? I loved the way she ran. She ran her eyeballs out.”

Peter Miller (trainer, Reneesgotzip, dead-heat for 2nd) – “We’re disappointed, but not in the filly. She ran a winning race. The post (No. 4) cost us. Being drawn inside hurt us, but the filly ran a winning race. She just got out-nodded.

“She did everything she could do and Edwin rode a great race. We knew with the seven-horse (Tightend Touchdown) in there that he would press us and he did. I’ve got no complaints.”

This is a record 20th Breeders’ Cup victory for Mike Smith and his third of 2013.