Dominick Schettino, winning trainer of Meeker Avenue (No. 2): “Ramon [Dominguez] said [Meeker Avenue] was a little nervous at the break; he didn’t get away as well as he wanted him to. He ran well. He was a little intimidated along the inside. He’s still maturing and learning. He’ll get better with more racing. He was in tight the whole race. It’s a learning process, but he ran a hell of a race.”

Ramon Dominguez, winning jockey aboard Meeker Avenue (No. 2): “I was pleased because that definitely wasn’t the plan. I was looking to be on the lead or close behind. When he didn’t get away that well I was concerned because he was on the inside, a little shy, with a horse outside. Turning for home, he had to squeeze through a pretty narrow hole. He kept on trying. He’s already a pretty decent horse, but he’s going to prove to be even better.”