Jockey Quotes

TYLER BAZE, KILLER BEAR, Winner: "They were going fast and that helped him. This is kind of a funny horse. He was crazy last week when I worked him. He wouldn't work, then he was running down the road all through the backstretch. You just have to let him do it when he wants to do it. Right when we hit the turn, he started moving by himself and I just went with him. He's a nice horse. He has talent, he just has to keep it together. It's nice to see what he can do. I can't wait to ride him back."

Trainer Quotes

JEFF MULLINS, KILLER BEAR, Winner: "We've always liked this horse and the owners wanted to take him back (August 4). They all had fun with him opening day (July 18) at Del Mar. They were ahead money wise, so they decided to go back in for him. If you look back on his past performances, seven-eighths of a mile is his best lick. It was definitely a step up, but he drew nice and the race set up for him."