Jockey Quotes

VICTOR ESPINOZA, FULL RANSOM, Winner: "I didn't really have any plan going into the race, just leave her alone and make her happy. It just depended how she broke out of the gate. I took my time, swung her to the outside and it worked out well today."

AARON GRYDER, SAVINGS ACCOUNT, Second: "I had a sweet trip. I cut the gap at the top of the stretch and took advantage of it. I saw the winner coming, but I was hoping I could build enough momentum to hold her off. She ran great and she's only going to get better."

MARIO GUTIERREZ, SUSHI EMPIRE, Third: "She ran real well. I just wish I could have waited a little longer, but she tried hard."

Trainer Quotes

JIM CASSIDY, FULL RANSOM, Winner: "That's the best $25,000 (owner Deron Pearson) ever spent. She was reasonably cheap, but she had all the parts in the right place and I really liked her. I liked the way we didn't rush her today. (Espinoza) took hold of her and she got a very good trip wide. The greatest thing about 2-year-olds is they're as honest as the day is long. They haven't figured out anything bad yet."

LEANDRO MORA (Assistant, Doug O'Neill), CLENOR, Fifth: "When she was trailing behind the others, they slowed it up so much. (Full Ransom) boxed her in all the way--which is the proper thing for any rider to do. When she finally got out, the race was over."