Blushing K.D. Handicap (R5)

Shaun Bridgmohan (jockey, winner Class Included): This is a pretty smart filly. She’s a real straight shooter. All I had to do was keep her out of trouble and let her run her race. Just picking up the pieces. No problems at all.”

Question: Did you want to get her back on the turf or were you just waiting for the best spot?
Ron Faucheux (trainer, winner Class Included): She’s a very classy filly. Hence the name. I mean turf, dirt. She’s going to give her best effort every time and we saw that in the numbers. You know, we are here at the Fair Grounds and we are going to run here and this was the race available so that’s why we are here.

Question: Perfect pressing trip…is that how you and Shaun drew it up?
Faucheux: It is actually. Shawn rode her perfect and just to sit right off the pace worked out well.

Question: We talk a lot about the great boys you’ve had in your barn – pretty nice mare here.
Evelyn Benoit (owner, winner Class Included): Beautiful mare. I mean…absolutely beautiful. I have to say Ron Faucheux, I have to give all the credit to him because he took his time and figured her out and has made her look like a million bucks. She was a big star on the West Coast so we were excited to breed her to Star .

Letellier Memorial Stakes (R6)


Question: Nice for her to go two for two…
Governor Brereton C. Jones (owner/breeder, winner Divine Beauty): We are very excited about her. No question about it. When you get a good filly and put it in the hands of Larry Jones, you start thinking about having great fillies. Then, when Rosie gets on, it all kind of works together and we are very excited about every one of them.

Question: Looking for good things going forward…
Governor Jones: Well, we feel very fortunate to have those connections and feel very fortunate to have this filly.

Question: She showed early pace in debut…is this [off the pace win] how it was planned?
Larry Jones (trainer, winner Divine Beauty): It kind of happened at the break. You never know what’s going to happen but you know that these fillies are fast. They all broke their maidens running short. We always felt that she is going to be a two turn filly. I was telling Brereton in the paddock that if something did go awry today we can wait until two turns. It’s all coming around real nice.

Question: Going to like more distance?
Larry Jones: She’s trained like she would. She finished running today like she is going to and should. We are looking forward to stretching her out and way on to the Oaks again.
Bonapaw Stakes (R7)

Shaun Bridgmohan (jockey, 2nd place, Channel Marker): –“He beat us pretty good but my horse gives a gallant effort every time.”

Question: He’s very quick, obvious plan to go to front?
Rosie Napravnik (winning jockey, Sum of the Parts): Yeah. Tom told me that he does his best work on the lead so that was the plan. He has a ton of heart. We were out there pretty quick in the first quarter so he’s all heart coming down the lane and all class as well.

Question: Did you feel that you were able to gear him down around the turn with that :24 middle quarter?

Napravnik: Yeah. You know going around those turns so fast we took the turn a little wider then I wanted. I was just speeding down to the tight turn that probably helped us slow down a little bit and he was able to finish up really well down the lane.

Question: Hadn’t won on the turf yet…good confidence?
Tom Amoss (trainer, winner Sum of the Parts): Yeah. You know he is by Speightstown and he is a very versatile sire and this horse, Sum of the Parts, can run on any surface. He wins his races by using his speed early and hanging on at the end. That’s what he really did today. He won the race probably the first half mile of the race. He got an advantage on the group and was able to sustain it.

Question: He finished up so nicely today and was full of run in the stretch…
Amoss: I think it is a couple of things. Number one, it’s how much he is pressured early. If he gets really pressured by a quality horse it’s going to cost him. The second thing is that he likes it fast. It likes it firm. Today’s course, I was worried about the rain. We didn’t get any and I think that played to his advantage.

Tenacious Handicap (R8)


Question: Did you see an opportunity for that early move around the turn?
David Flores (winning jockey, Prayer for Relief): First of all, he is a very lovely horse to ride. He put me in a spot where I wanted to be. It’s never too early when you have the horse to make that kind of run.

Question: Plenty left after that?

Flores: Absolutely. It was plenty left there. Thank you.

Question: Off of two subpar efforts for him, maybe the track at Churchill, what made him show up today?

Steve Asmussen (trainer, winner Prayer for Relief): He’s a really nice horse. He ran his race today like you said, his last two are not up to par for him whether be the course or weather or how things just unfolded. Just very glad to see him back in the winner’s circle where he belongs.

Buddy Diliberto Memorial Handicap (R9)


Question: Got cut off a bit at the start…did that leave you further back than you were hoping?
David Flores (winning jockey, Daddy Nose Best): Yeah. I wasn’t planning on going out there with the bunch. I just wanted a clean break. The three came in but I was okay. I was able to stay in a good path and save some ground the first turn and make a run.

Question: You swung out and he finished nicely for you…
Flores: Yeah. He had great acceleration from the ½ mile to the ¼ mile pole and that’s went I around the group. When you have the best horse it’s the best way.

Question: Fun ride winning four of last five…
Bob Zollars (owner, winner Daddy Nose Best): Yeah. We are having a lot of fun with him right now.

Question: Triple Crown trail last year…was that an exciting experience too?
Zollars: It was. We had a disappointing outcome but we had a fun trip getting there.

Sugar Bowl Stakes (R10)


Question: Worried about being beat to the pace?
Kerwin Clark (winning jockey, Albano): No. I wasn’t worried at all. He is such a nice colt. You can do anything you want with him. In the mornings you got to ride him hard to make him work in 1:02. He relaxed and did everything I asked him to do.

Question: And finished up nicely too?
Clark: Yeah. He finished up strong. He was kind of goofing around when he got out by himself. I still had a lot of gas in the tank.

Question: We talked about your 2-year-old filly earlier today -- what about this one?
Governor Brereton C. Jones (owner/breeder, winner Albano): We are very high on this colt. Quite frankly he was named for a wonderful man at the Seaview Hotel in Florida who’s name happens to be Albano. I know Albano is watching. I know he is yelling and screaming. I know he is one of the quality guys that you’d like to be able to have something that places him. He is a very very good guy. Just like Larry Jones is one of the good guys that you’d like to do business with him so Larry is over smiling. Larry is over there smiling. We are all having a good smile tonight.

Question: Two turns in his future like his big brother?
Larry Jones (trainer, winner Albano): Well, absolutely. I feel like this one is better to get right around than Mark Valeski did although Mark stepped up to the plate well. We felt that Mark was a little bit speedier and more acceleration than this horse but we are high on him. We hope he does what Mark Valeski did and maybe one better.