MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (May 30, 2012) – Calder Casino & Race Course will unveil its new Mega 6 jackpot wager beginning Friday, June 1. The Mega 6, with an industry-low takeout of 19 percent, is a multi-race bet encompassing the last six races of the day with a progressive component designed to generate jackpot-size payoffs.

“We expect the Mega 6 to attract interest among typical lottery players, while offering serious horse players an opportunity for big rewards,” Vice President and General Manager of Racing John Marshall said. “And the Mega 6 joins the Calder Pick 5, with its industry low takeout of 12 percent, to offer the best value on the wagering dollar of any Pick 5 or Pick 6 in horse racing.”

The Mega 6 is a 10-cent wager that plays like a traditional Pick 6. The player must select the winner in each of the six participating races. Unlike traditional multi-race wagers, the Mega 6 jackpot is awarded when one single 10-cent winning combination exists.

When a single 10-cent winning combination does not exist, 60 percent of the pool will be distributed equally among players selecting the most winners, while 40 percent of the pool enters the jackpot and carries over until won by a single 10-cent winning combination.

There are two mandatory payouts for the Calder Mega 6 Jackpot this year. The first will occur on Friday, August 31, the final day of the Calder Meet, with the second mandatory payout on Friday, November 30, closing day of the Tropical Meet.

The Mega 6 can be played on self-service terminals and FastBet Mobile at Calder, at off-track betting facilities in Florida and around the country, and on