Del Mar Thoroughbred Club has adopted new policies to promote “smoke free” concerts and encourage “responsible” consumption of alcoholic beverages when it opens for its 70th summer racing season next Wednesday.

Fans attending the races and the concerts that follow them are subject to the no smoking policy that exists on the 350-acre Del Mar Fairgrounds for all indoor areas and outdoor seating, as well as concert areas when the shows are in progress. DMTC has 10 major concerts planned during the summer, seven on Friday evenings and the others on weekends.

“Our fans have been great about not bothering others with their smoking,” said DMTC president and general manager Joe Harper. “But we have to be careful that this courtesy holds true regarding our concerts. We simply don’t want some people to ruin it for all the others by lighting up something they shouldn’t be. We’ve got a good thing going here with our free music and we want to keep it that way for everyone’s enjoyment.”

DMTC will run program ads explaining the “smoke free” policy and it also will make PA announcements, especially prior to its concerts. During the concerts themselves, additional security personnel will ensure that the “smoke free” policy is adhered to.

Additionally, DMTC and its concessionaire, Premier Foods, will enforce a “responsible” drinking policy to discourage excessive consumption of alcohol. Fans are not allowed to “tailgate” with alcohol in the track’s parking lots, nor may they bring alcoholic beverages through the gates.

The track also will work with sponsors and partners to ensure support of these policies. “Friday Concert Series” sponsor Jack Daniel’s is behind a “designated driver” program at the shows that allows a responsible person who shows an I.D. at one of the track’s Guest Services booths to receive a wrist band that entitles them to free soft drinks. Further, the track and its local radio partner — 91-X — will dedicate some of its on-air promotional time to putting out the “responsible” message to its concert fans.