The advent of a five-day racing schedule for the 2009 Del Mar Thoroughbred meeting will bring changes in entry and scratch procedures during the 37-day season that begins Wednesday, July 22.

The entry schedule will feature one "double-draw" day, instead of the two that prevailed during the 2008 season when racing was conducted six days per week. The "double draw" will occur on Sunday when entries will be taken for races scheduled for Thursdays and Fridays. The rest of the draw schedule has races pulled Wednesday for Saturdays, Thursday for Sunday and Saturday for Wednesday. No entries will be taken Monday, Tuesday or Friday, and there will be no racing on Mondays and Tuesdays at the seaside oval.

The track's first set of entries -- for the opening-day program -- will be taken on Saturday, July 18.

In the case of scratches, they will be taken one day before all race days and are available at approximately 12 noon on that day before. For Wednesday's races, for example, scratches will be available on Tuesday after 12 noon; for Thursday's races they will be available Wednesday after 12 noon, and so forth.

Del Mar's 70th summer season runs through until Wednesday, September 9.