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Vic is a regular contributor to, a columnist for the Illinois Racing News and has written on racing for, National Public radio and The Age, Australia's leading daily.

Vic makes his home in Chicago and lives in Saratoga Springs in August.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Comment of the Week, Kyle’s Comment #32

There were several good comments last week, but Kyle described what really happened in Zenyatta's Hirsch victory. Read his comment below:

kyle says:
10 Aug 2010 at 10:31 am | #

I’ll defend Vic on this one point: Rachel does still have a chance. If she wins the Personal Ensign, Beldame and Classic she is HOTY. Is that going to happen? I don’t think so. But it looks at this point that whoever of the Big Five wins the Classic, and I include Lucky in that group, is HOTY.

As to Vic’s take on the Hirsch: While it was my least favorite of Zen’s races (My tastes run to the understated, and the dog and pony show they put on at Del Mar was offputting) it was hardly an unimpressive performance. As others have pointed out the fractions where more than tepid (Del Mar is quicker and more speed friendly this summer); that was not a talentless horse she was chasing; I don’t know what Trakus showed but Zen went 7 wide on the turn while her rival safed every inch; she came home in about 29 for the last two and a half furlongs; and, Vic, she won in a measured hand ride. The outcome was never in doubt.

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