(Chicago, IL – June 4, 2010) The real-life character with the alias of Joel Thomas that is written about in the TrackWords column of May 17 entitled "Lessons of Weed Street" has struck again. He’s let ride $1000 of his $2600 in Triple Crown race winnings on tomorrow’s Belmont Stakes. A raw beginner, Thomas bet on only 20 horse races in his life before deciding to gamble $1000 on this year’s Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont.

Thomas is once again employing his “hedge fund” philosophy in search of profits, a technique which one reader called “a sure-fire way to go broke.” Nevertheless, whatever happens Saturday, Thomas will be ahead at least $1600.

Here’s the slate of wagers he’s made at the Mud Bug Off-Track Betting parlor in Chicago:

$50 win bet on Make Music for Me and Game on Dude
$50 across the board bet on Interactif
$40 across the board bet on Make Music for Me, Drosselmeyer and Stay Put
$30 across the board bet on Stately Victor
$20 exacta box on Fly Down, Ice Box and First Dude
$15 exacta box on Ice Box, Stately Victor and First Dude
$15 exacta on Fly Down, Ice Box and Game on Dude