(CHICAGO, IL – October 22, 2010) The paulickreport.com, horse racing’s self-proclaimed Huffington Post – a rare voice of controversy in an otherwise proper industry - has its admirers and detractors. But it would be unfair of anyone to say that the owners of the Internet site don’t know how to promote themselves.

For the second consecutive year, Ray Paulick and Brad Cummings are inviting their readers to donate to Breeders’ Cup Charities as they travel to the World Championships in a manner that nobody else is. En route to their destination, they’re showering themselves with attention that will put them a step ahead of their competition.

Last fall, Paulick, a reluctant flyer, and Cummings, his willing pal, drove by automobile from Kentucky to California stopping en route at racetracks. This year, they’re walking from Lexington to Louisville – 85 miles – probably stopping as soon as their bladders fill. You can donate whatever you’d like for every mile walked. Just visit the site and you can learn how to make your donation.

Navigating the paulickreport.com can be like shopping the racks at TJ Maxx. You must sift through the merchandise to find that which suits you on aggregate sites. What Paulick is fully aware of, nonetheless, is that modern-day media is only as intriguing as the noise that it makes. He’s not shy in the least of making a racket, even if that means pounding the pavement.