The following is Allan Goldberg's Comment of the Week, republished in its entirety.

Allan Goldberg says:
12 Jul 2010 at 11:03 am | #

Gambling is only part of horse racing. I am a gambler. I love gambling. I can go years between Vegas visits. I don’t dream of hitting a lottery. You can not convince slot machine player to come to the races because they probably will do better in air conditioned sterilized environment. But you can turn a lot of people to the sport if you have stars on and off the racetrack. I go to the races to enjoy the show. Racecard itself can be compressed into 20 minutes of action. Austin nailed it - seeing your 8-1 shot cross the wire first is better than anything else, including you know what. Watching paddock action and horses coming out on the track, jibing with jocks - casinos can not do that. Horse racing is LIVE and full of life. I watched 12 KY Derby post parades and I still choke on that song.