It was startling to read in the Wall Street Journal the deadliest newspaper on the planet that Churchill Downs president Robert Evans was alive and kicking.

Horse racing is moribund in tradition, irrelevancy and lack of product development. Evans, one of six CEOs chosen by the Journal because their companies are facing declining markets, represents an organization like all organizations in horse racing - that believes its progressive, but isnt.

Clearly we are less interesting than we were 20, 40, 60 years ago, Evans said. He called for racing to find new ways to bet on the same old races, experiment with technology, emphasize human-interest aspects, and hire horse racing novices to bring the sport out of its morass. His most helpful advice, however, might have been to act fast, before you think of reasons why the idea you liked in the first place wasnt a good idea after all.

The problem with Evanss conclusions is that hell need to hire people who dont become paralyzed when confronted with creativity. True innovation renders the weak-kneed immobile. Right now, most people in positions of power at the NTRA, the Breeders Cup and the racetracks are candidates for arthroscopy.