It didnt take long for the dirty laundry of Curlins connections to become a topic in the racing world.

In the May 28 edition of Sports Illustrated (out today), Tim Layden wrote that Midnight Crys Bill Gallion and Shirley Cunningham, Jr.s 20 percent ownership in Curlin might be at risk because of charges that they, as lawyers, misappropriated clients settlement funds. Now, the popular Triple Crown Web site,, carries a synopsis of and links to newspaper stories about their troubles.

The Downey Profile also reminds its readers that Curlins trainer Steve Asmussen served a six-month suspension recently and re-ignites the controversy surrounding Curlins majority owner Jess Jacksons legal battles with thoroughbred bloodstock agents.

Dick Downey, author of the Internet site, is a practicing attorney and member of the bar from Bowling Green, Kentucky. Hes protective of his profession and sensitive to matters that reflect poorly on lawyers. He loves racing, too, and realizes that the sport needs to avoid as many ugly mentions in the press as possible. But in the age of sport cover-ups, its intriguing that someone authoritative like Downey isnt afraid of that invisible line that other journalists wont approach.